This year I felt like doing something a bit outside my comfort zone for Christmas. My local hacker brethern traditionally get together for a holiday hack-day, sip some 'holiday cheer' and recap epic stories of pwnage from the prior year. As many of us have parted ways and moved along in our careers, we look forward to getting together for this event.

This year I wanted to make them something as a suprise; similar to an impromptu Secret Santa. I figured I'd make some wood cutouts from the infamous Kali Linux dragon for most of the guys. Another pal of mine, Casey, is starting his own gig with Sprocket Security so I figured I'd make his company logo.


To make the wood designs, I simply pulled the images from the internet and zoomed in to the appropriate size I wanted. Then I displayed them on my office LED TV and used plain copy paper to tape it up on the screen and trace the outline for each logo. I then cut the logos out, placed on 12 inch wood sheets of poplar and pine and went to town.


I picked up a Craftsman scroll saw as seen in the pictures. It was ideal for getting tight and intricate cuts, as well as getting the blade in the wood for the eyes. This was my first time working a scroll saw since my high school shop class and I'm pleased i was able to get good results without going through too much wood. That stuff is pricey for wide boards from Home Depot.


For the sprocket logo; the cuts were a bit more involved. I simply drilled pilot holes into the wood; placed the scroll saw blade in and started doing the cutouts. The hardest part was getting straight lines and smooth cuts as getting a sander/file between the wood would be more difficult.


I then entered my while(true) loop and cut out (4) more Kali dragon head designs. It took some time, but I think they will be a hit with the recipients. I really got good with the scroll saw after knocking many of these out.


A table saw gave me the straight edge cuts on a poplar and pine 12 inch wide boards. Using a router I borrowed from a neighbor friend (the wood kind, not packets); I got a nice beveled edge which I stained a darker ebony color. The edge really finishes the board nicely. The top face of the board was a gray wash stain.


Using the same dark ebony stain as the board edges, I hit the cutouts. To mount the cutouts; I used a 3/4 inch dowel cut into 2cm segments to help elevate the logos just a tad so I could tuck some LEDs under for extra effect.


For the Sprocket Security logo; I went with red LEDs which mimics his company design. After lots of sanding, staining, etc; I was really happy with the end result!


I went with blue LEDs for the Kali dragon head. I wrapped the wires around the dowel rods and tucked the battery pack under the cutout; allowing the battery on/off toggle to be reached with ease.


Overall - I'm really happy with the way the project turned out and looking forward to giving one to the members of the group formerly known as Shellntel (RIP).

Cheers and happy holidays -
- Travis