Greetings and 0x49's!

I am an amateur radio operator located in south central Wisconsin, USA. Call sign is W9HAX.

I use this site to host information related to my hobbies relating to information security and other things of interest.

I enjoy calling CQ and Simplex contacts on the 2M calling frequency, 146.520. I'm often found monitoring the following area repeaters and frequencies:

I recently obtained my General class license and plan on hopping into the HF bands soon.

DMR and Digital

Lately, I've been dabbling in digital modes on both DMR and Yaesu System Fusion/Wires-X. I prefer DMR; navigating Wires-X and searching on the Yaesu radio is a painful experience. I also use a Zumspot hotspot for easy digital access.

Find me on Brandmeister DMR:

TG 98003 #Redditnet (Thursdays at 8:30 Central)

TG 98638 Infosec Hams (Wednesday at 8 Central)


Mobile rig is an FTM-400 XDR

When mobile in my Jeep GC, I often monitor calling frequencies and local repeaters. I beacon APRS occasionally. The FTM-400 is a great mobile radio! I was a little hesitant about the price point, but when I upgraded from an FT-2900 to this, it was night and day. 9/10 - would approve!

For antenna, I use a dual band Tram 1181. The hood mount is a Nagoya RB700N and makes for a clean install! I had a mag mount but was tired of hitting it on parking garages, low clearances, etc.

FTM400 Antenna

While at home, I have various HTs for quick and easy operations. My favorite is the Anytone 878 which supports DMR digital modes. I also have various cheap HTs (Baofengs) for various needs (at a large venue, camping, etc) for family comms. For as much shit as Baofengs get, they served me well when I was just getting started and building interest in radio; and I encourage anyone to get one, if nothing else, for FRS service.